Welcome to Yota Xpedition

You may be asking yourself what is Yota Xpedition and why am I here? You are here because you're looking for a Hidden Discount from our other company Raceseng. But first we want to catch you up to speed on who and what Yota Xpedition is.

Who is Yota Xpedition?

Think Raceseng but offroad!

We've spent years building Raceseng into the brand you know it today. It's been an incredible journey and will only continue. While exploring ways to grow Raceseng, we decided to seize the opportunity of starting a Toyota ONLY offroad brand.

Yota Xpedition will sell aftermarket products but not just ANY product. We will go through the meticulous process we put Raceseng products through but in a different manner! We're going to install and review each product while putting it to offroad use. All of this to make sure we not only offer you the best products for your build but give you the confidence to get offroad!

While doing this process, we're going to look for opportunies where we can put our design and engineering touches on products under the Yota Xpedition brand. So, follow along now and watch the Yota Xpedition journey.


Now onto the hidden discount. Somewhere on this site is a coupon code for 50% off Raceseng. There will be only 1 winner of this coupon code. First person to use the coupon code and complete checkout wins.

While you're here, we'd love to see you follow our journey and sign up for the Yota X Collective below.