Everything starts from nothing.

Everything starts from nothing.

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Yota X Journal Entry #1

"A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step."

Lao Tzu

Everything starts from nothing but nothing will never be anything if you don't start with taking the first step. This blog post is the very first step for Yota Xpedition and the scariest to take because it represents us presenting ourselves to the Toyota community.

So, who is Yota Xpedition and why do we exist? We're a group of automotive enthusiasts with backgrounds in design, engineering, manufacturing and building our own street and off-road vehicles. We believe in the idea that off-road vehicles represent our freedom because they allow us to escape the digital overload consuming us. They allow you to reach wonderful places of nature where we can get back to the roots of being human again.

But... there's a problem. Building your rig to get you where you want to go is not easy. Most don't have the confidence or know how. On top of how daunting it is to buy products online with way too many options. Most people wanting to get their vehicles off-road simply don't because the process is too complex.

We exist to kill that complexity.

We're going to use our collective background to curate a simplified selection of products that you can trust. With an online buying experience that is simple. Backed with educational product content to help you install and use these products.

That is Yota Xpedition and we have a long journey ahead of us.

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Love the new site! Look forward to all the contents, much needed by the community.

Love the new site! Look forward to all the contents, much needed by the community.

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