8 Button Auxiliary Power Kit + Bracket 4Runner (2014-2024)
8 Button Auxiliary Power Kit + Bracket 4Runner (2014-2024)
8 Button Auxiliary Power Kit + Bracket 4Runner (2014-2024)
8 Button Auxiliary Power Kit + Bracket 4Runner (2014-2024)
8 Button Auxiliary Power Kit + Bracket 4Runner (2014-2024)
8 Button Auxiliary Power Kit + Bracket 4Runner (2014-2024)
8 Button Auxiliary Power Kit + Bracket 4Runner (2014-2024)
8 Button Auxiliary Power Kit + Bracket 4Runner (2014-2024)

Yota Power

8 Button Auxiliary Power Kit + Bracket 4Runner (2014-2024)

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SKU: YX01121-YX01111
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4Runner Specific - This is a plug-and-play kit for the 4Runner. Using our 4Runner-specific bracket this kit will install with ease and mount right into your vehicle's engine bay with no modifications needed. This bracket is also specifically made for the 8-button auxiliary power kit for optimal layout and wire routing.

3 Light Modes - Our kit gives you the ability to control your lights with three different output modes. First is the Solid mode which is simple, just push the button and the light will either go on or off. Second, is the Strobe mode which when activated the light will enter a strobe effect that blinks 3 times quickly on a repeated basis. Lastly, is our Hold mode which you will need to be holding the button to activate the light.

Manage 8 Devices - Using our Auxiliary Power Kit you can have an endless combination of electronic devices connected. This could be lightbars, ditch lights, air compressors, pod lights, coolers, reverse lights, and any other device you may find necessary for your off-road adventures.

RGB Backlighting - The controller has the ability to change the backlighting color for whichever accent color you feel matches your vehicle best. You can choose from; Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Cyan, Turquoise, Yellow, and then a mode that will cycle through all colors.

8 Device Hookup - The 80a circuit breaker is a resettable fuse to protect the electronics wired to the kit and your vehicle's battery \ wiring. Protects from reverse polarity, over-voltage, and overcurrent.

Custom Labels - With over 100+ labels you will be able to find the correct label for whatever electronic device you decided to connect to our Auxiliary Power Kit.

Easy Install - We know there are a lot of other power kits on the market, but they are confusing and not vehicle specific. We set out to create a kit that works perfectly with your 4Runner and makes the installation super easy. 

Clean Appearance - Our goal was to make our product look as factory as possible when installed in your 4Runner's engine bay. We wanted to make our bracket and kit blend seamlessly together and hide as many wires as possible. 

Eliminates Relays - Our power kit has solid state relays in the circuit control box which eliminates those big chunky relays in your wiring harness.


  • 8-button switch controller
  • 80a circuit breaker
  • Circuit control box
  • Positive & Negative battery terminal wires
  • 4Runner specific mounting brackets & screws
  • Zip ties & adhesive for wires and controller
  • 100+ controller labels


Working voltage: DC 12-24V
Rated voltage: 12V 20A / 24V 10A
Operating at 12 Volts: max power rating of 600W
Operating at 24 Volts: max power rating of 1200W
Max current: 80A
Operating temperature: -40°C ~ +105°C
Waterproof rating: IP65

Customer Reviews

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Well made and easy to assemble

I was a little hesitant to buy this kit because electronics and I don't mix well but this kit took me just 20 minutes to set up! Everything was in the kit and the Youtube video was easy to follow! Now I won't have to search for the right switch under the steering wheel. Just waiting for the weather to clear up to install it into my 2017 4Runner TRD Pro!

This kit has that OEM look that everyone is looking for!

I've been searching for a kit like this. The finish product looks like it belongs to the engine bay. Not like Rago or C4 fab where it just a plain piece of sheet metal with a bunch of holes. The bracket looks intentional and well thought of. Had to put in my little touch and got some M8 black screws to mount the bracket. I mounted the switch with double sided tape and took out the blank switch for the wire to go through. I like that clean look. Attaching more accessories on this kit as it arrives. Super excited!