Front Valance 4Runner (2014-2024)
Front Valance 4Runner (2014-2024)
Front Valance 4Runner (2014-2024)
Front Valance 4Runner (2014-2024)

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Front Valance 4Runner (2014-2024)

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Introducing the black front valance replacements for your Toyota 4Runner! Designed to enhance the aggressive and rugged look of your vehicle, these valances are the perfect upgrade for any 4Runner owner trying to ditch the color matched or silver front valance.

Crafted with precision using high-quality materials, our black front valance replacements offer a durable and long-lasting solution for replacing your silver valance. The deep black finish adds a stealthy look and seamlessly blends with the existing black accents of your 4Runner, giving it a fresh and commanding appearance.

These valances are specifically designed to fit the 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner, ensuring perfect and seamless integration with the front bumper. Easy to install, they require no modifications or additional hardware, saving you time and effort during the installation process.


Customer Reviews

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Better than factory

The valance clips are a, no joke pain in the a$$ to remove and install however the results are well worth it. The Yota-X valance has the look this runner should have had from the factory.

Perfect Fitment.

It fit perfectly! The clips are a bit tedious to remove when pulling the original valance, but reassembly went better.
BUT. No one in any of the videos showed a 4Runner with the TRD aluminum skid plate. There's no plastic air dam underneath, and the skid plate must be removed, or remove the entire front assembly to do the valance. Also, if theres any plastic flash around the clip points, cut them off prior to installation. Trust me. My total time taken to replace the valance was 2-1/2 hours. I love the final result!

Looks better than silver

This looks way better than silver and even better paired with the TRD Pro style grille and raptor lights. The install was easy but those clips can be a pain on the fingertips. One the OEM valance was off, putting this one on took no time at all.


It was a little challenging getting to some of the clips but it was well worth it. So much better than the silver valance.

Removal Tip

If you remove the radiator trim panel under the hood you can reach down and remove all of the top clips and the 2 middle clips. The bottom clips are still removed from under the vehicle. This helped me tremendously! Hope it helps you! Valence looks great.