E-Z Deflator Kit Psi Gauge
E-Z Deflator Kit Psi Gauge
E-Z Deflator Kit Psi Gauge


E-Z Deflator Kit Psi Gauge

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Rapid Deflation. The ARB deflator tool features a fully geared solid brass movement that offers precise measurements which aren't affected by temperature to tune into your exact needs. It also features an easy-to-read dial with one PSI increments. Its patented design allows easy removal of valve core for the rapid deflation you need at the trail head and also provides accurate pressure readings by a simple sliding valve movement.

Included. The ARB E-Z Deflator Kit includes a corrosion-resistant brass deflator tool, high-quality bronze bourdon tube gauge, protective rubber gauge and a protective canvas pouch.


  • Patented Design to Easily Remove Valve Core for Rapid Tire Deflation
  • Provides Accurate Reading by a Simple Sliding Valve Movement
  • Features a Fully Geared Solid Brass Movement
  • Easy-To-Read Dial with One PSI Increments
  • Great for Accurate Airing Down Off Road
  • Universal Application