Stage 4: 1.25-3.25" 3.0 Lift Kit Tundra (2022-2024)
Stage 4: 1.25-3.25" 3.0 Lift Kit Tundra (2022-2024)


Stage 4: 1.25-3.25" 3.0 Lift Kit Tundra (2022-2024)

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Product Description

The ICON Vehicle Dynamics Stage 4 3.0 complete suspension system for the 2022-2023 Toyota Tundra builds upon the Stage 1 3.0 suspension system with the upgrade to CDEV and ICON Intelligent control (IIC) for in vehicle, active compression damping adjustment.

To compliment the 3.0 Series coilover shocks, 2.5 Aluminum Series CDEV rear remote reservoir shocks are included along with billet aluminum front upper control arms and a billet rear upper/lower link combo, and a front sway bar drop kit. This system offers improved on- and off-road performance with adjustable compression damping, as well as improved alignment specs and increased front-end lift height range for a proper stance and fitment of up to 35" tires.

The included ICON tubular upper control arm kit is designed to improve the overall performance of the new 2022-2023 Toyota Tundra with corrected front-end geometry, built in additional caster, and improved suspension component clearance. Additionally, replacing the OE ball joint with the all-new, serviceable, and rebuildable ICON Delta Joint PRO allows for full bump and droop travel of the front suspension while eliminating bind.

Rounding out the Stage 4 suspension system are 2.5 Aluminum Series rear remote reservoir shocks specially tailored for the 2022-2023 Tundra. The 2.5 Aluminum Series shocks’ larger diameter offers outstanding performance off-road and a smooth ride on the street. Remote reservoirs ensure optimum performance by increasing the duration of consistent damping regardless of situation, keeping the shocks at a cooler operating temperature during heavy use.


  • (1) Front Sway Bar Drop Kit
  • (1) Rear Billet Lower Link Kit
  • (1) Front Upper Control Arm Delta Joint Pro Kit (Tubular)
  • (1) Intelligent Control Install Kit
  • (1) Rear 2.5 Series Shocks VS RR CDEV - Pair
  • (1) Front 3.0 Series Shocks VS RR CDEV Coilover Kit

Product Features

  • Vehicle specific design for 2022-2023 Toyota Tundra
  • 3.0 Series front coilovers with ICON’s multi-stage, tunable hydraulic “Bump Zone”
  • Adjustable front ride heights from 2-3.25” of front lift over stock when used with included tubular UCAs
  • ICON's CDE Valve technology allows for in vehicle adjustment of compression damping settings and active adjustment via the ICON Intelligent Control (IIC)
  • ICON Intelligent Control (IIC) uses onboard sensors to monitor G-forces and movement of vehicle chassis along with user defined settings to actively make near instantaneous compression damping changes
  • Tubular UCAs for added strength, durability, and alignment correction for better drivability
  • UCAs feature the patented (U.S. Pat. 10,731,700) Delta Joint Pro with 90 degrees of total articulation
  • Included sway bar drop brackets reduce bind in OE sway bar links
  • Allows for up to 40% increase in front wheel travel over stock without overstressing OE components
  • Billet rear upper and lower links improve rear end articulation and allow for on-vehicle pinion angle adjustment
  • 2.5 Aluminum Series rear remote reservoir shocks provide increased performance, 20% increase in wheel travel, and balanced tune with coilovers
  • All ICON shock absorbers are fully rebuildable and re-tunable

Fitment Notes

  • OEM Wheels & Tires Fitment: Yes
  • Recommended Aftermarket Wheels: 17x8.5" w/ 5.75” Backspace / 25mm Offset
  • Recommended Aftermarket Tires: 35" x 12.50" (Minor fender trimming and modifications may be required)
  • Shocks Are Fully Serviceable. Lift Heights Indicated Are For A Stock Equipped Vehicle.
  • Advertised Lift Height Ranges Are For A Stock Equipped Vehicle. Increasing Weight Of Vehicle Due To Accessories Will Alter Lift Range.
  • Not Compatible With Tundras Equipped With Load-Leveling Rear Height Control Air Suspension.
  • For 4Wd Models Without Trd Off-Road Package ICON Recommends Using ICON Diff Drop (Part# 55156) Or Using Toyota Trd Axles (Part# 434200C020 Driver / 434100C020 Pass). Failure To Do So Could Result In Front Axle Damage. Not Required For Trd Pro.
  • If upgrading a Tundra equipped with Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) all other vehicle systems remain functional
  • Most Tundra sub-models equipped with i-Force gasoline engine will have front lift height range of 2-3.25" over stock
  • Most Tundra sub-models equipped with i-Force MAX hybrid engine will have front lift height range of 2-2.75" over stock
  • Tundra SR5 equipped with TRD Sport Suspension package will have lift height range of 3-4.5” over stock
  • Tundra TRD Pro will have front lift height range of 0-1.75" over stock
  • Included rear shocks are compatible with 0-1.5" of rear lift over stock on models equipped with rear coil springs without TRD suspension package. Rear shocks are compatible with 0-1" of rear lift over stock on models equipped with rear coil springs with TRD suspension package and TRD Pro.
  • Tundras equipped with automatic leveling headlights also require part number 55153

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