Turbomac HD Classic
Turbomac HD Classic
Turbomac HD Classic
Turbomac HD Classic


Turbomac HD Classic

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Size | Bolt Pattern | Offset Spacing:

Size | Bolt Pattern | Offset Spacing


A Monoblock Cast Off-Road Truck wheel design that will stand the test of time. Turbomac HD [classic] has a classic stepped lip making the wheel design fitting for many modern and vintage off-road vehicles. It also features a vented ring to help keep your brakes cool while hitting the trails, and helps strategically shed weight from the wheel itself. Strong and versatile, the Turbomac HD [classic] wheel is perfect for your Overland / Adventure Rig.

Diameter: 17"

Width: 8.5"

Bolt pattern: 6x139.7 (6x5.5")

Offset: 0mm

Centerbore: 106.2mm

Weight: 26.32lbs

Load Rating: 2500lbs