Universal Compressor Bracket For ARB CKSA/CKMA/CKMTA
Universal Compressor Bracket For ARB CKSA/CKMA/CKMTA


Universal Compressor Bracket For ARB CKSA/CKMA/CKMTA

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ARB air compressors kit provide many advantages when exploring the great outdoors. Whether for inflating tires and camping accessories, running air tools, activating air lockers or even re-seating a tire onto a wheel, there's a model available to suit your needs. Designed to withstand the harshest environments, each ARB air compressor is individually leak tested, current draw tested and flow tested under heavy load at the factory before packing. For total peace of mind. To further increase longevity, ARB compressors are also rebuildable, with spare parts readily available from our extensive network of ARB authorized dealers.



  • Compact design makes it the highest flowing compressor kit in its class
  • Fully sealed components for moisture and dust
  • Pressure switch controlled air manifold systems specially designed to suit ARB Air Locker equipped vehicles
  • Relocatable splash resistant air filter assembly for cleaner, cooler air supply and versatile waterproof air intake positioning
  • Maxi-Fuse equipped for professional in-line circuit protection
  • Motor is 100% ball bearing equipped with unique linear brush pre-load system for extra long life, low heat and quiet operation
  • Compressor piston is equipped with a German made high shock rated cylindrical roller bearing
  • Constructed entirely of light weight, high strength engineering grade materials, including military and aerospace grade components
  • Over-pressure safety valve equipped
  • Motor is internally thermal protected against extreme temperature damage